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柔眞館 マルタ  柔眞流 柔術  無双直伝英信流 居合術  武道
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柔眞館 マルタ  柔眞流 柔術  無双直伝英信流 居合術  武道
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The 2017 Rensei Taikai was held on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December at the Jiushin Kan in Luqa.

During the training seminar (Koshu Kai) held on Friday, Christian and Roderick Bajada Renshi instructed and guided the students throughout a series of strategically combined techniques that consisted of throwing techniques, ground techniques, joint locking techniques, choking techniques, back taking techniques, escapes and counters. At the end of the training seminar, the students present were gifted with a token from Jiushin Kan Malta, representing Jiushin Ryu Jujutsu.

On Saturday 2nd, the Junior Koshu Kai kicked off with a dynamic training programme which engaged the junior trainees in a series of diverse technical exercises.

The day proceeded with the Endbu Taikai (demonstrations), an occasion for both junior and adult students to showcase their commendable martial abilities in Jiushin Ryu Jujutsu and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido. Soon after the demonstrations, the outstanding and most promising Martial Artists of Jiushin Kan Malta were honoured accordingly in an awards ceremony and presented with a commemorative trophy and official certificate. This year’s awardees were:

Junior Doryoku Sho (Junior Great Effort Award): Tristan Spiteri, Gabriel Tabone, Dylan Falzon, Helen Eneva Bonello, Beppe Bonello, Francesco Giorgino, Mariah Cefai, Dannica Micallef, Kacey Shires, Santjago Bezzina, Luca Spagnol, Cameron Shires, Jaydon Micallef, Shamon Spagnol, Kynan Gatt, Dailin Agius, Emma Bonnici, Krista Bonnici, Noah Abela Borg, Kareem Feras Abouhasson, Keyon Farrugia, Lincoln Falzon, Luke Jacob Fleri, Gianni Muscat Farrugia, Andre Bellia.

Junior Doryoku Sho (Junior Great Effort Award): Kareem Abohassoun, Luca Spagnol, Helen Eneva Bonello, Noah Abela Borg, Jerome Pace, Dillon Falzon, Bertrand Briffa, Andre Bellia, Dailin Aguis, Andreya Muscat Farrugia, Abner Debono Dalli, Jaden Muscat Martin, LJ Martin, Isaac Cachia, Yan Caruana, Kayzel Galea, Daniel Schiberras, Kraylee Micallef, Iven Zerafa, Iydel Spiteri, Andrew Saliba, Jamie Montabello, Daniel Montabello, Jake Attard, Eric Forni, Zeyan D’Amato, Mattier Azzopardi Fabri, Kayden Cesare.

Junior Shorei Sho (Junior Commending Award): Vladeorghe Attard, Justin Cassar, Andreas Aguis, Triston Spiteri, Gabriel Tabone, Chloe Vella, Daniel Grech, Craig Cooper, Nico Micallef, Kluivert Ken Bonnici Mifsud, Francesco Giorgino, Gianni Muscat Farrugia, Jake Poulton, Krista Bonnici, John Sant Portanier.

Junior Yushu Sho (Junior Outstanding Award): Jade N. Anderson, Ryan Micallef, Danica Micallef, Sheldon Stone, Beppe Bonello, Isaac Bajada, Emma Bonnici, Jamie Azzopardi, Joseph Bajada, Wesley Azzopardi, Dillon Curmi.

Doryoku Sho (Great Effort Award): Aaron Borg, Mark Vella, Kevin Brincat, Calogero Damiano, Yan Cesare.

Shorei Sho (Commending Award): Ian Dean Wallace, Charles Bartolo, Gabriel Busuttil, Isaac Nappa, Kurt Falzon, Joseph Bajada, Bion Urry, Miguel Sacco, Oliver Mifsud, Kyle Stone, Stephen Dalli, Clayton Farrugia, Melchior Cucciardi, Daniel Zammit.

Yushu Sho (Outstanding Award): Anthony Caruana, Jesmond Borg, Owen Zammit, Feras Abouhassoun, Matthew Sammut, Dillon Vella, Michael Buhagiar, Terence Bartolo, Ephraim Schembri.

Sai Yushu Sho (Most Outstanding Award): Shaun Gaffarena.

Jiushin Kan Malta would like to thank all its members for making this year’s Rensei Taikai another remarkable success.