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柔眞館 マルタ  柔眞流 柔術  無双直伝英信流 居合術  武道

Fourth World Butoku Sai, Kyoto, Japan

50th Japan Butoku Sai - Dai Nippon Butoku Kai - April 2012

For yet another time, Christian and Roderick Brothers Bajada Renshi have been on a visit to Japan with a group of 5 students from Classical Budo Malta: Antoine Portelli, Joseph Bajada, Matthew Sammut, Marianne Lauri and Robert Scicluna.

The Maltese team participated with success in the 4th World Butoku Sai / 50th Japan Butoku Sai which was held in the historical Butoku Den in Kyoto, the hall of Martial Virtues. Closely located to Heian Shrine, the Butoku Den was built by the Japanese aristocracy to carry out the legacy of ancient martial and chivalric traditions initiated in the eighth century within the capital of Kyoto.

The grand event was organized by the prestigious Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Japan's Premier Martial Arts Virtues Society governed by his Excellency Fuku-Sosai (Vice Governor of DNBK) Higashi Fushimi Jiko, son of his Royal  Highness the Sosai (Governor of DNBK) Prince Higashi Fushimi Jigo (currently 103 years old), presided by Kuwahara Hanshi, Dr. Hamada Hanshi Vice-President of the Board of Directors and the entire Honbu Board. Hundreds of DNBK members and their national leaders attended from all over the world to participate in this exclusive event.

The Koshu Kai / Training Seminars were a priceless opportunity to train with some of the greatest Japanese masters, which could only be made possible thanks to the good will demonstrated by the board. The seminars consisted of various Ryu Ha in the major styles of: Okinawa Kobudo, Karatedo, Jujutsu, Iaijutsu, Kyujutsu, Kendo, Jojutsu and Sojutsu.

The Maltese delegation had the rare opportunity to train in the authentic Koryu (old style /ancient lineage) and traditional arts of Jujutsu and Iaijutsu namely:

- Shinden Ryu Jujutsu under Kuwahara Hanshi, Kitano Hanshi, Koshima Shihan.

- Yanagi Ryu Jujutsu under Kawamura Hanshi, Takeda Hanshi and their assistants.

- Shibukawa Ichi Ryu under Kurumaji Hanshi and his assistants.

- Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu under Kinoshita Hanshi and her assistants.

Amongst the many warm exchanges that took place between the participating nations, the Renshi Brothers received honorable comments from Kurumaji Hanshi of Shibukawa Ichi Ryu Jujutsu, who also presented them with handmade sake cups engraved with the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai crest and Shibukawa Ryu Jujutsu Kanji. Hanshi Kurumaji is a rare and elite Koryu Jujutsu master whose skill and combat body condition are of outstanding caliber.

The Maltese team, led by the Renshi Brothers, demonstrated on both the major occasions for this event. On April 29th, throughout the Fourth World Butoku Sai / 50th Japan Butoku Sai, the Maltese team demonstrated its skill in Jujutsu on the hard wooden floor of the Butoku Den in front of the Japanese Honbu leaders with all their merits and legacies. Throughout the demonstrations, Brothers Bajada Renshi executed their Jujutsu techniques with lightning speed which were followed by  Bojutsu and Hojojutsu. On April 30th, the Renshi Brothers Bajada and their students demonstrated in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu and again in Jujutsu for the second main event, the International Rensei Taikai.

Amongst the honors and awards achieved, Classical Budo Malta was twice presented with the highest awards for the occasions in both events ‘Dantai Yushu Sho’  Outstanding team Award. During the official presentation Dr. Hiroyuki Tesshin Hamada Hanshi explained that the eagle standing on the World, as depicted on the awards, is meant to symbolize the strength of the Dojo receiving this award. Antoine Portelli, the highest graded student by the Renshi brothers within this team, was also honored with the Doryoku Sho.

At the official closing ceremony, Christian Bajada Renshi was one of the chosen leaders to deliver a speech, which allowed him to express gratitude for the priceless opportunity to train with the Japanese Koryu Masters. Dr. Hamada Hanshi then awarded each of the chosen leaders with a golden color shovel that had been used earlier in a special ceremony by the Honbu leaders to plant cherry blossom trees in the Butoku Den grounds, an act of commemoration in honor of the 50th anniversary of the event. This, as Dr. Hamada Hanshi himself proclaimed, was meant to symbolize the leaders of the present planting strong trees to flourish with the leaders of the future.

Kuwahara Hanshi, President of the Honbu board presented all the international leaders with a beautiful tsuba with the design that was used by the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. His Excellency Higashi Fushimi Jigo gifted to all those present for the occasion a fine traditional Japanese fan embellished with calligraphic inscriptions. Vice president Nakada Hanshi, amongst others, also gifted the members present with precious commemorative ornaments.

Dr. Hamada Hanshi was also personally awarded the International Peace Award which he said he would dedicate to all members participating in this event by inscribing their names on its back.

At the end of the event, after the official closing ceremony, Dr. Hamada Hanshi called for Christian and Roderick Brothers Bajada Renshi and officially bestowed upon them the title of Shihan, meaning master instructor or role model, and the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt) Jujutsu.

We would like to thank Dr. Hiroyuki Tesshin Hamada Hanshi for his exceptional leadership, the DNBK Honbu Board for another memorable occasion, the DNBK ID team of organizers, under the guidance of Kim Baylor Kyoshi, for its impeccable organization skills and the entire Maltese delegation upon their successful achievements and for making Malta and the Classical Budo Association proud of its many accomplishments. We also send our regards to Allan Tattersall Hanshi who was with us in Malta a short while ago but could not make it for this event.

柔眞館 マルタ  柔眞流 柔術  無双直伝英信流 居合術  武道